YWCA in Ethiopia

Young Women Leadership Development

The fact that youth engagement in community service programs helps enhance youth awareness on community needs while building the capacity and confidence of the youth to engage in the betterment of their community. Hence under this result area, YWCA will work to support youth to engage in community outreach and policy dialogues building their capacity to help them become leaders and change agents. To this end, YWCA will invest in leadership capacity development programs and create community engagement opportunities that will enhance knowledge generation on youth and leadership.

Key Activites

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Intergenerational Dialogue

Conduct intergenerational dialogues to cultivate the leadership capability of young women.

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Youth Exchange Program

Organize youth exchange programs and arrange internship for young women professionals

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Unleashing Leadership Capacity

Unleash the leadership capacities of young women; provide leadership, communication and information technology trainings.

YWCA has been implementing youth volunteerism program for more than a decade in government primary schools in Addis Ababa and Adama. A total of more than 20,000 children received tutorial, mentoring, school material provision and school uniform support. The programs had impacted those children’s lives. We have been tracking pre and post tutor tests results and grade reports and it showed that children academic performance was improved. Again, children equipped with necessary school materials which gave the confidence to attend classes regularly. Our interventions significantly contributed for improve quality education, reduced school dropout, increased completion of classes. Beside educational improvement, children’s life skills also developed through mentoring activities delivered by youth volunteers. These all brought long-term impact and influence children to succeed in their lives. The intervention also impacted families and schools indirectly.

On the other hand, Youth volunteers were impacted through their participation on the program. Youth’s skills and capacities improved in leadership, ASRH, and advocacy for their and others rights, which also later impacted their academic and career development.

Moreover, YWCA has helped to build bridges between children from extremely different social and economic backgrounds. The professional tutoring-relationship has developed into deep connection and commitment to serve children, families and communities. The program also attracted at only the youth but also families and corporate offices we approached. In these regard, the youth able to mobilize donation of textbooks, pens, pencils and other scholastic materials and school uniforms to support the children.