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Telela Mobile App

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Tela mobile app has been launched on September 1st 2020.

Telela is a virtual safe space for young women and an educational platform for many many other young people. It is a virtual community where an individual can get professional service and educational content at the reach of their phone.

The word Telela originates from the Amharic word “Tila” which means a shade from sun or rain. Telela in our app is represented by an umbrella which can imply a safe entity. As the definition of the word implies, Telela is a virtual safe space.


Case Stories

Deliver stories that help create awareness among the users. Different stories from different backgrounds will be shared which will make it easier for people to learn from them.


  • Hand-tailored training made by our Health professionals.
  • They are short and to the point.
  • They can be updated and inserted by the professionals themselves or by someone from the office.


  • Offer virtual counseling through our chats.
  • It will be conducted anonymously to help people share their problems more freely.


  • Help people reach us in case of Emergency.
  • We have made the outline accessible on our homepage.