YWCA in Ethiopia

Influencing Governance & Planning

Young women and men influence urban governance and planning on Human right, safety and economic opportunities among other central issues.

Under this objective; YWCA is working to influence policies, regulations and norms which obstruct the rights and leadership potential of women and youth. We bring the voices of women and youth to the decision-making table. We create opportunities for them to advocate for their rights at local and national. Currently active project under this category are;

Key Activites

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Supporting to Raise Voices & Advocate

Support young people to raise their voices and advocate for the fulfilment of their entitlements, rights and well-being.

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Enabling to Claim Socio-Economic Rights

Building the capacity of young people to enable them claim their socio economic rights and hold decision makers /duty bearers accountable.

Safe and Inclusive Cities​

Project objective; Contribute for making cities safe and inclusive for young women and men.

In doing this, the intervention focuses on three critical and interconnected issues: reducing young people’s engagement in urban violence, improving economic opportunities and strengthening young people’s influence and civic engagement.

Program outcomes

Outcome 1: Urban violence and conflict affecting young women and men have declined in fragile urban areas targeted by the strategic partnership

Outcome 2: Vulnerable and excluded young people, especially young women, working in the urban informal sector are enabled to engage in decent work in cities targeted by the strategic partnership

Outcome 3: Through strong CSOs, young women and men are influencing urban governance and planning on safety and economic opportunities in cities targeted by the strategic partnership

Outcome 4: Civil Society effectively generate and use knowledge to ensure evidence-based responses to urban violence and fragility affecting young women and men.

Target group: Young women and men and their groups and associations

Under the safe and Inclusive Cities Project Of YWCA, Young women and men living in fragile urban areas of Arada, young women and men making their living in the informal sector, including the most vulnerable and excluded segments of the youth population such as unemployed young people, factory workers, commercial sex workers, substance abusers and young women subjected to violence in public transport.

Project Period: Jan 2018- Dec 2022

Source of Finance; PLAN International.


  • With the active leadership of the Youth, four community profiles are developed; these profiles clearly shows the socio-economic dynamics of a specific community and also illustrate the different safety challenges of young women in their community.
  • Based on the developed profiles, youth have formulated an action plan and carry out initiatives to make their communities safe. Such initiatives includes; Street light, closing of drug addiction houses, educating more than 1000 youth on violence prevention issues, engage youth in community impacting volunteerism activities etc
  • More than 100 Young Women and men engaged in the informal economic sector are empowered through training on economic rights and entrepreneurship. Moreover, a network of young women and men working on informal sector is created to advocate for the fulfillment of their economic rights and to hold local duty bearers accountable.
  • 50 youth and representatives from community based organizations have increased their knowledge and understanding on social accountability tools. Youth led social accountability and advocacy activities are held. Interface meetings with woreda officials were an opportunity for the youth to push their agendas and challenges.