When You Volunteer at YWCA Ethiopia...

YWCA is an international membership and volunteers based non-governmental organization which believes in the active participation of the community as paramount in achieving its’ strategic goals.  YWCA therefore, accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels and within appropriate programs and activities. YWCA will be pro-active in recruiting volunteers where their skills and experience can make a positive impact in the achievement of YWCA’s vision and mission. YWCA has a long tradition of members and community self-help and volunteering.  YWCA believes that people working together out of community responsibility and shared commitment is a powerful force that can make a major contribution to reducing poverty and promoting development.


Enjoy and learn by joining YWCA’s Youth Summer Camp

You will be exposed to different life skill experiences while you volunteer to support poor children.

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA in Ethiopia), is a membership and volunteerism movement affiliated to the World YWCA, which connects youth leading social and economic change in over 120 countries.

The Summer Youth camp, which is part of the youth leadership development program of our organization, has been run by YWCA for more than 10 years. The program is going with the intention of bringing together youth from well-to-do backgrounds and pairing them up with children and youth from disadvantaged public schools through tutoring and mentor-ship. Every year more than 200 youth recruited from different schools including; Saint Joseph, Nazareth, Ethio-parents, School of Tomorrow, Greek, Gibson Youth Academy, Future Talent school etc. This Youth are paired with more than 500 children from public and government schools and provide tutorial and mentor-ship and raise school material support. The youth will also go through life skill and leadership experiences. Every year the program is developed and expanded to best achieve its objective.



Currently at YWCA

Summer Youth Volunteers Program 2019 (on proceeding)