But after YWCA reached out to help the youth in the Safe and Inclusive Cities Projects to provide ways to establish formal business sector. I am one of the luckiest girls to come across the opportunity of getting the chance YWCA offered. I took training on Basic business skill, Entrepreneurship and Marketing strategy, after that I was able to know on which area of business I wanted to pursue my carrier. So with the help of Safe and Inclusive Cities Program organized by YWCA I started school at Hewan beauty and design training center to learn skills on makeup, manicure care and pedicure care. In my stay at the school I am able to learn and pursue my passion to the fullest.

Currently I am at the ending of my school time at Hewan beauty and design training center.

With the partnership YWCA made with the woreda sector to provide a safe and stable working place for those of us who are shifting from informal to formal business sectors; I myself was able to get a safe and stable working place from the woreda Women, Youth and Children Affairs

which they gave me which is located in Arada subcity woreda 7 . I am very thankful and proud to say that I a working there making a living and living a better life in the formal business sector.