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‘I am committed to enable young women to be leader’

Education, for women and girls, can lead to independence and empowerment. Beyond the personal level, education bring the social and economic benefit to a nation Sustainable development.  Like in most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, school enrollment of children in Ethiopia has generally improved over the past few years. Nevertheless, the Gender gap has persisted. This is especially true at the second and tertiary levels. Moreover, the dropout rate of female students at higher institutions is still very high.

With these concrete reason, starting from 2009, for the past ten years, YWCA in Ethiopia had been intervene in higher learning institute by implementing different capacity building programs for female university students.

‘Enhancing the Capacity of female University Students’

A Capacity Building Program Implemented by YWCA in Ethiopia

Since the year 2009 The YWCA in Ethiopia has been implementing various capacity building program activities with students of Addis Ababa University (AAU) in Addis Ababa city as well as in Amhara Region Debre Brehan and Woldiya Universities in respectively. The program included orientation session and booklet distribution for first year students to acquaint them with the social and educational environment of the university.

In addition, trainings were provided to the students on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), Entrepreneurship and Life Skills. Experience sharing sessions were conducted by inviting successful role model persons to inspire the students by sharing their experience; how they faced and overcame challenges. Mentoring sessions were also held between junior students and senior female students (trained in mentoring). These sessions provide safe space for students to discuss about the various challenges they face and support each other.

Moreover, expenses of photocopying study materials, stationery and other personal supplies was a problem to many female students from poor economic backgrounds. Some female students engage in risky behaviors to earn some money and fulfill their need.  Therefore, bursary support was availed to female students. Students were also made to engage extracurricular activities like women’s ‘Great Ethiopian Run’ and participate in a Transcendental meditation sessions.

However, this program has been interrupted during 2016 due to financial constraint faced by the YWCA. However, the current leadership of the organization has strong desire to restart the program. For the same purpose, a fund raising strategy is designed by the secretariat to reinitiate the program through targeting 100 female university students at Debrebirhan.

This fund raising strategy is entitled as ‘I am committed to enable young women  to beleader’, with this strategy, individuals will sign up to sponsor one or more female university students to obtain the following supports; attend orientation and mentorship sessions , tutorial class, stipend or bursary support and life skill and leadership. To sponsor one female university student to get the above mentioned benefits, the cost is only 3600 ETB/130 $ per year.

                        Account Number:  10324 (Abyssinia Bank)