The Young Women's
Christan Association

in Ethiopia

* YWCA in Ethiopia; represented by the General Secretary and two youth champions have participated on Pre –AU summits and trainings; Gender is my agenda campaign, Pan African Youth Summit and Youth advocacy training

Gender is my agenda campaign(GIMAC); Comprising about 55 national and international organizations, the GIMAC aims to create a space for civil society to monitor the implementation of the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa (SDGEA), mainly by holding bi-annual Pre-Summit Consultative Meetings to the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government. The 31th Gender Is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC) Pre-Summit Consultative Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming in the African Union was held on January 20-21/2018. The core theme of the summit was “Corruption and Governance: Impact and way out for Women, Children and Youths’’. The theme aligns with the African Union Summit Theme: “winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation’. The key contents of discussion at the meeting includes; Women and Inclusive Anti-Corruption Framework for Africa, Corrupt Practices and its Effect on Girls Rights and empowerment, Disempowerment of Women, Land Resources and Corruption etc.

The General Secretary and two youth champions have participated on the meeting representing YWCA in Ethiopia. The recommendations emerged from the panel discussions were summarized and submitted to be delivered at AU heads of states summit. Moreover, representing the voice of Youth in Africa, the youth champions of YWCA have actively participated in speaking out the recommendation points from African youth to the head of states summit.

African Young Women and Girls Advocacy Training: Two youth champions of YWCA in Ethiopia have participated on Advocacy training held on January 19/2018. The training was an introductory session to GIMAC (Pre AU- Summit meeting) and has an aim to capacitate young women and girls with advocacy skills to Unleash their potential and protecting Rights of Africa’s Young people especially Girls. The youth champions of YWCA in Ethiopia comment the training as resourceful and contributing for their advocacy work. More over; the training was an opportunity for the youth to learn from the experience of other youths from all over Africa. As part of the training, the youth champions were able to identify; the causes, solutions and the role of youths in addressing key issues in Africa and their impact. The identified key issues include child marriage, education, Sexual Reproductive health rights and economic empowerment of youth.

Pan African Youth Summit; YWCA Ethiopia also took part on one of the pre AU summit which is; Pan- African Youth Summit (PAYS) held on January 24 – 25, 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The summit is organized by the Council of Africa; an impact-oriented international organization, working to promote enterprise driven growth, liberty centered development and socioeconomic transformation. The theme of the PAYS 2018 is “Rethinking youth participation, empowerment, and development in Africa”.

Participants of the summit were drown from youth networks, entrepreneurs and CSOs representatives. As part of the summit, YWCA in Ethiopia shared its organizational experience in developing and running youth empowerment projects and programs. The resolutions from the meeting will also be delivered to the African Union’s Heads of States and Governments which thereby provide an opportunity for young people to contribute to AU agenda and influence decisions.

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* YWCA activated two libraries in Addis Abeba


For more than a decade, one of the profound programs of YWCA has been providing library and safe space for young girls and boys. The program was designed to create; suitable study environment especially for young girls and avail reference academic books and supporting materials for high school and college students. The Library service provision which was started in Addis Ababa was replicated to other towns including; Debrebirhan, Adama, Bahirdar. However, due to the crisis at YWCA in 2016, except in Adama the library service provision was stopped.

To restart the service in Addis Ababa, a partnership was created with Addis Ababa Youth Association. The youth association owned library spaces at different sub cities in Addis Ababa; however most of these libraries were not functional due to capacity limitation.

With this partnership, YWCA allocates books and allowance for librarians. And jointly managed two libraries in Addis Ketma sub cities are reactivated and start services provision.

Inauguration of the libraries was held on March 02/2017, where by YWCA staffs and supporters, guests from the local government and youth representatives attended. Currently, more than 50 youth are visiting the library on daily bases.

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* YWCA held the Annual General Assembly


Forty people including YWCA’s members, volunteers and board of directors attended the General Assembly which took place from 8:30a.m. to 12:30 pm. at the Global Hotel  on Saturday March 31st. The Board of Directors shared their Annual performance report on this event. The programmatic performance report for the year 2017 was also presented by YWCA’s secretariat as well as the annual plan for the year 2018. Members discussed and commented over the reports, annual plan as well as the 2017 Auditor’s Financial report. The meeting was concluded after a presentation and discussion of YWCA’s Organizational Change project where Ato Temesgen HabteGebriel a YWCA volunteer and consultant form Ayfe Skills consultancy shared a brief summary of the roadmap and budget to organizational change process.

YWCA held the Annual General Assembly YWCA held the Annual General Assembly YWCA held the Annual General Assembly YWCA held the Annual General Assembly YWCA held the Annual General Assembly

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Training On Social AccountabIlity, Civic Education, Advocacy, Dialogue, Communication And Leadership

When: Oct 17th and 18th

Where: Sarem Hotel

For Whom: Youth Group Associations, Women’s Association, Wereda Administration, Idir Representatives

Organized By: YWCA