The Young Women's
Christan Association

in Ethiopia

1. Youth Volunteers Program;

The YWCA through its youth leadership enhancement program has managed to embrace more than 5000 youth to be engaged in different volunteerism activities to outreach the community. The YWCA has created opportunities for youth volunteers to provide community service and learn through the process. Moreover, these volunteers are also targeted through the different capacity building trainings focusing on SRH, Leadership and communication skill.

2. Promoting young girl’s participation on AU summit

The YWCA is recognized as one of the leading organization bringing the young women and girls to participate and bring their voice into the policy arena. In the last few years, more than 100 girls are recruited by YWCA in Ethiopia to participate in the AU summit. This has created an opportunity for young girls to have direct engagement with head of states and exclusive meetings with the chair of commission. With this engagement the girls have been able to brought issues of girl’s educations, health, HIV/Aids; Gender based violations and others to be discussed among the higher officials.

3. Youth division and Pan African Action Plan;

The World YWCA has fostered a relationship with the youth division of the African Union and YWCA in Ethiopia. With this opportunity, young girls from Ethiopia have been actively involved and participated in the development of the pan African action plan. This involvement enabled the girls to explain about the situation of youth in general and sexual; reproductive health issues in particular.

4. Gender Is My Agenda Campaign;

The YWCA movement is an active member of Gender is my agenda Campaign (GIMAC), which has been a platform for women’s contribution for the AU Agenda With this plat form YWCA have been participating in the gender consultations related to Africa as well as the common Africa position on 2015,as part of this role In this YWCA has been also involved in monitoring Africa’s states commitment to wards Gender equality.

5. State of African Woman Campaign Action (SOAW)

SOAW is an advocacy project being implemented in partnership with Young Women Christian Association of Kenya. Funded by the European Union, the advocacy, communication and awareness-raising campaign remains for three years. The “State of the African Woman” project is implemented in 16 African countries having the overall objective of securing, realizing and extending women’s rights as enshrined in African Union policies in sub-Saharan. The project creates a platform that will bring 16 African Sister Organizations to share strengths, strategies and networks that will discuss advocacy empowerment issues as stipulated in the Maputo protocol. For this project YWCA selected two youth Champions to do advocacy work in the community. The youth champions are conducting different awareness raising activities on Maputo Protocol.

Training On Social AccountabIlity, Civic Education, Advocacy, Dialogue, Communication And Leadership

When: Oct 17th and 18th

Where: Sarem Hotel

For Whom: Youth Group Associations, Women’s Association, Wereda Administration, Idir Representatives

Organized By: YWCA