The Young Women's
Christan Association

in Ethiopia

1. Reaching Vulnerable out of School adolescents and youth with SRH knowledge

Under this program, target groups are out of school adolescents and youth from 10-24 years. Accordingly; Shoe Shiners, domestic workers and Street Venders has been addressed with SRH knowledge through the different trainings and peer learning platforms organized by YWCA. This program has so far reached more than 1250 out of school youths.

2. Enhancement of Women and Girls Reproductive Health in Higher Education Institutions;

Female University students is facing considerable amount of problems which directly contributing to their high droop out rate and attrition rate in higher learning institute. Even though their enrollment rate is incredibly increasing, their dropout rate is still highly increasing. The reasons for this, as confirmed by researches are lack of social skill, economic consternates, lack of leadership and negotiation skill gender office of AAU also confirmed RH problems faced by female University students are contributing factor to their High attrition rate.

With these evidences, the YWCA of Ethiopia intervened in higher learning institute since 2008. This program has components on Economic support, capacity building of students through provision of trainings on reproductive health, leadership and mentoring and TUSEME (Kiswahili word which means lets speak out). It also aims at supporting club activities to enable female students building their leadership skill through participation in extracurricular activities. Similarly, the program facilitated access to reproductive health services. Towards this end; it has established Kiosk at Addis Ababa University in partnership with DKT Ethiopia. This kiosk avails sanitary napkin pads, reproductive health services as well as other kiosk items. The proceeds from the sale of the items are going to sustaining the project and it is currently supporting economically vulnerable students.

The YWCA has supported over 1000 youths in higher learning institutes, among which it has provided mentorship, capacity building trainings and bursary support for 140 girls who are economically vulnerable female University students in pursuit of their education. It has managed to support their education and assured school attainment of 114 (81.4%) female University students who got bursary support as well as other capacity building trainings. This has a tremendous impact on delaying marriage and enhancing the sexual and reproductive health of these girls among others.

Besides accomplishing and meeting its objectives, YWCA takes the first initiation to prepare and distribute orientation booklet to University students. The orientation booklet included information on RH, RH problem the social and academic environment of the University, study skill, services available in the University, assertiveness and other important issue. The Technical working Group (TWG), Which is constituted by organizations which are working in higher learning institutes, are working collaboration to address the social and academic problem of University students and ensure shared responsibility.

3. Creating Safe Space

Female football team which is established since 2007 is composed of 30 vulnerable girls, coming from slum parts of Addis Ababa. The team serves as safe space, a means of creating social capital and peer learning group for Sexual Reproductive Health promotion. Moreover, YWCA is also engaged in providing youth center service and youth club activities as a means to create safe space and promotion of reproductive health among youth community.

4. Reaching out vulnerable out of school youth Sexual Reproductive Knowledge

This project has been implemented by YWCA in Yeka Sub city. It addressed more than 1250 out of school youth including; domestic workers, street venders, shoo shiners, street children and other youths who are out of school. The targets have been provided different trainings through peer to peer discussion on the issues of sexual reproductive health, life skill, leadership, HIV/AIDS and how to develop healthy relationship. Moreover, selected youths are also provided with business skill trainings and start up capitals and some of them are able to start their own business. Further, with the different interventions including community outreach activities and dialogue sessions of this project, more than 5000 members of the community have been addressed.

5. Enhancing the capacity of University students

YWCA is implementing this project in Addis Ababa University. The target groups of this project are new coming University students. The project reaches 720 students through leadership, life skill, SRH and mentoring trainings while 30 female students will get direct monthly bursary support.

Training On Social AccountabIlity, Civic Education, Advocacy, Dialogue, Communication And Leadership

When: Oct 17th and 18th

Where: Sarem Hotel

For Whom: Youth Group Associations, Women’s Association, Wereda Administration, Idir Representatives

Organized By: YWCA