The Young Women's
Christan Association

in Ethiopia

1. Girls Migrant Housekeepers

With the goal of reducing extreme poverty and hunger of young girls subjugated to child labor YWCA is working towards the attainment of reliable and self sufficient client capabilities of this young girls who are between 10-19. Accordingly, restored self reliance and independence to close to 1100 vulnerable girls who are working as house maids with minimum wages by partnering with Population Council. As a result, most of the women were now able to become socially and economically empowered. Some are involving in decision making processes in their communities.

2. Self Help program

Touch the lives of more than 5000 women and girls through its livelihood interventions of equipping women with marketable skills through providing basic business and entrepreneurial skills training, catering skills training, vocational skills training and providing lone grants. Moreover, it has organized more than 1200 women in its branch office in self help groups by instituting community saving and credit schemes.

3. Giving Hope project

The program seeks to improve the social, living and health status of OVC between the ages of 10-24. This program have been implemented by peer educators and adult mentors and leaders of the youth working group who took TOT training on Conflict resolution, in Parenting & Peer counseling, Reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS prevention and related issues.

This enabled Young Care Giver (YCG) to participate in the social and economic development of the communities and manage their own wellbeing and sustainability of their families.

4. Economic empowerment and Enhancing the sexual and reproductive health knowledge and practice among young people living with disabilities

This project implemented in Gulele sub city 5 Woredas. For the past five years YWCA reaches more than1000 women living with disabilities directly with vocational trainings and awareness on SRH. More than 8000 indirect beneficiaries and community members have also reached through awareness creation activities.


Training On Social AccountabIlity, Civic Education, Advocacy, Dialogue, Communication And Leadership

When: Oct 17th and 18th

Where: Sarem Hotel

For Whom: Youth Group Associations, Women’s Association, Wereda Administration, Idir Representatives

Organized By: YWCA