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* Summer volunteer tutoring program has expanded Now being given on weekends


The Summer Tutoring Program which was being regularly conductd during summar school vacations is now being expanded and has began a little early this year.

Program Launching event was  held on 14th of April at the two Public Schools; Tensae Berhan and Yeka Terrara. Orinetation was given to the volunteer high school students recruited from private schools to give tutoring support to elementary students from government/public schools that come from poor economic backgrounds. The orienttion included signing of Code of Conduct, discussion of their duties, responsibilities and acquainting them with the new environment they will be working on for the next eleven weeks. 

This year  over fifty volunteer high school students were recruited from five private schools. These voluteer tutors are grade 9 and 11 students from Future Talent School, Nazareth School, St. Joseph School and School of Tomorrow and Deliverance School.

Since 28th of April  the tutoring classes have commenced on two of the selected five target public elelmentary schools; Tinsae Berhan and Yeka Terrara, with a plan to include three additional schools, namely John F. Kenedy, Misraq Berr No.2 and Yewetatoch Genet Schools shortly. There are around one hundred sixty target students selected with poor acedemic performance, from grade one to four, that are currently receiving tutoring classes in Mathematics, English and Science subjects, every Saturday.

This program not only benefits these youth vollunteers to learn responsibility and aquire teaching expereince but they also get a glimpse of the different challenges faced by other kids of limited means. Most importantly they get to enjoy the spirit of voluterism.

Summer volunteer tutoring program   Summer volunteer tutoring program   Summer volunteer tutoring program   Summer volunteer tutoring program   Summer volunteer tutoring program  Summer volunteer tutoring program  Summer volunteer tutoring program

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* Leadership Training Conducted for Youth Volunteers


YWCA Ethiopia in collaboration with Centre for Creative Leadership conducted one-day training on Leadership. The leadership training was held at WISE Ethiopia Gotera office on May 20th 2018.  Twenty participants attended this event. Among the attendees were YWCA Adama Girls Club members, volunteers that give computer literacy courses to Adama youth, Youth Champions and the youth volunteers and coordinators engaged in the Summer Youth Tutoring Program.

In addition, members of Partnership Global; a consulting business organization focusing on areas of education business and tourism briefly shared some experience with the training participants.

Leadership Training Conducted for Youth Volunteers   Leadership Training Conducted for Youth Volunteers Leadership Training Conducted for Youth Volunteers  Leadership Training Conducted for Youth VolunteersLeadership Training Conducted for Youth Volunteers

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Case Story

* Case Story of Successful SHG member, W/ro Ehete Getachew;


Ehete Getachew is one of the Women organized under the SHG program of YWCA in Adama, She narrates her experience as SHG member;

‘when I and my neighbors first joined the self-help group, most of us are economically dependent on our husbands, and the money we receive from them was never enough to cover the living expenses of our family. At my SHG, the first weekly saving was one birr and what I like most about it was the weekly meeting discussions because they are an opportunity to discuss the different challenges we face as a women.


As my SHG is organized and supported by YWCA, I got the opportunity to obtain trainings on business, reproductive health, sewing and knitting from YWCA. Eventually, my husband died and the responsibility to take care of my family had fallen on me. The situation forced me to borrow 200 birr from my group and started selling bread, which makes me realize my potential to earn money.

‘From then onwards, I developed the skill and courage to take more loan to expand and diversify my business, I bought a baking stove, washing machine, onion grinder and start using them for income generation. With all these business activities, my income keeps on increasing and now I am getting more than 5000 ETB per month’.


‘Further to covering my family living expense, I was able to educate my four children and they have now reached to high school and higher education’.

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* Testimony from the Youth Champion for State of African Women Campaign project of YWCA,


Meti Gemechu, is one of the youth champions of YWCA Ethiopia for State of African Women (SOAW) project. She narrates her experience with YWCA as follow;

‘My name is Meti Gemechu, I have been working for YWCA as a volunteer. I worked mainly on giving tutorial classes to children and also supporting communication works at office level. This experience has helped me to understand my community and realize the privileges I have in life, which I should not consider it for granted.

Later on; I was given an opportunity to become the Youth advocate champion of Ethiopia concerning the Maputo Protocol (Women’s rights for Africa).


As part of this initiative, I was given the opportunity to travel to Kenya, Nairobi for a Workshop held by YWCA Kenya; I learned a lot about what was happening to women in Africa and how I can be an agent of change in my society.

YWCA has truly affected my life in a very positive way, when I first went to volunteer I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, how I could contribute to the world, YWCA has given me the answers I was searching for in finding my identity and who I wanted to be. For that I offer my deepest gratitude, Thank you YWCA!

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When: Wednesday, July 4th

Where: YWCA Adama Library

For Whom: Youth of Adama

Organized By: YWCA


When: Wednesday, July 4th

Where: YWCA Adama Youth Center

For Whom: Women of the Self Help Group of YWCA Ethiopia

Organized By: YWCA